Entryway Upgrade: Before & After

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In my experience, base housing is made as cheap & basic as it can be made while still maintaining a “livable” state. On the base we live in, we’re considered “lucky” to live in the newer, nicer houses (duplexes) on this base, but I’d be lying if I said they were nice. We were spoiled in Charleston. We lived in 3 different houses – 2 of which we built/bought as new construction, and 1 we rented that was fairly new – always with lots of upgrades and high quality touches. Prior to making the move to Oklahoma, we’ve always lived in homes that I really like just as they are. I have never been big into decorating or hanging things because I’ve just loved my homes as they were and felt they didn’t need extra enhancements to make them feel like my home.

This base house has been a polar opposite of what we’re used to. It feels cheap and like the bare minimum has been done. I’ve only been here for 3 months and just in this time, we’ve had our a/c break on an 80 degree week, one of the toilets broke, a faucet in a shower blew off from water pressure about hitting our guest (my mother!), our fridge falls apart, several cabinets get stuck and don’t open properly, 2 of the bathrooms have bathtubs that are stained to the point that nothing I do can lift the stains and they just look disgusting and dirty, the stairs are improperly positioned and at a strange incline that can catch you off guard and topple you right down the stairs if you don’t know to expect it, the windows aren’t properly installed and are drafty, and overall, it just looks and feels extremely cheap & sad.


For me, my house is where I spend most of my life. I work from home. I am home far more than I am anywhere else. Although I’m bummed about being in a town that is in the middle of nowhere, I’m much more bummed about the housing situation. It is never fun to be in a town or area you don’t like, but most have their homes that feel like…well, home, or family nearby to ease their pain. We have none of that. I have a house that feels comparable to a run-down prison, confined within the walls of a base that I literally have to pass by armed guards just to get back home and my family is all a thousand+ miles away.


When I realized I really am just stuck here and there’s no way we will be buying a house here in the middle of nowhere with a terrible housing market we may never be able to re-sell in, I realized that I had to make this place feel like a home. I might hate the town, hate the location, hate our distance from everything, BUT I can’t hate my house too or I’m going to go mad. I spend too much time here to be so miserable within the walls of “my” home.

We’re slowly working on little upgrades to make things feel more like home, and I’ll share as we go along!


First up, I decided to fully start on the entryway since it is the first thing you see when you walk in, and it is so visible from the living room.
Initially, this was just a catch all. I run a boutique out of our home, which happens to be smaller than we’re used to, so I am already VERY cramped for space in my inventory room/office.
When I was shipping, pulling orders, or new things were flowing in weekly, the entry way was an easy place for them to hang until I was ready to ship those items or try to cram them into my inventory room. Unfortunately, it just made for a super cluttered mess right when you walked in the door and it was unusable for anything but inventory storage. I blocked it off and just kept piling boxes up that needed to go upstairs and cycling out inventory. It wasn’t glamorous nor was it functional.

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Step 1 was to clear those boxes out. Then we got to decorating.

My style is fairly simple, I like to mix farmhouse & modern, with a few boho/eclectic vibes scattered about. My vision for the entryway was really just simple, clean, and bright. The lighting in this house is pretty poor, so adding in some light colors, mirrors, and greenery just makes it feel brighter than it really is. I also switched the light fixture. My favorite thing to do is switch light fixtures. Such a simple fix can completely elevate a space, and if you search hard enough, you can find high quality fixtures for a steal of a price!


I’m not done with this area yet. My next plan is the removable wallpaper to go on either the wall with the front door OR the wall with the console table – I haven’t decided which route I’m going for the print or which wall specifically yet. I’m also going to add a plant stand & some sort of plant in the corner by the console table.

It isn’t anything over the top, it is still simple and child-friendly so nothing breakable in the area, but I like it. I love the brightness it brings now since it is practically inside of the living room and it just feels better and more like my home.


Style List:
Light Fixture
Console Table:
Kirklands (no longer available, but Target has amazing options!)
Entry Rug
Oversized Basket
Wall Art:
Target (no longer available)
Target (no longer available)
Wreath Hanger
Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp
Hanging Plant
Marble Lamp
Faux Succulents

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