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Happy Friday, friends! I am so glad it is Friday. When you work from home and your kids are out of school, Friday doesn’t have as much excitement attached to it, but it still feels like one of the happiest days of the week to me.


On top of that, you really can’t beat a day when I roll out lots of content! Today is all about the home. I was actually going to cover some Kohl’s accessory deals for you guys today because their bag game has been incredible lately, but I’m saving that for another day because the request was overwhelmingly asking for more home stuff. I think after Monday’s entryway post, it had everyone excited for more! Luckily, I shop for house stuff just as much as I shop clothing, and I consider myself kind of an expert at finding great pieces in both categories, so I have tons of ideas for you all! From things I own to things I’ve been checking out in stores constantly to things I’ve had recommended to me… they’re all going to be here and broken down into category, so if you’re looking for something specific, you can easily scroll to that section OR if you’re like me and probably just need all new everything, you can take your time and cruise through it all!

If you have questions about any of this, let me know and I’m happy to share reviews, insight, or find out more info for you!


Ornate Distressed Mirror
This is my selfie mirror, lol! I love it. So unique & beautiful – and looks way more expensive than it is, lol! 

Oval & Metal Leather Hanging Mirror
I love this mirror in our entryway! I know round mirrors are kind of the “thing” right now, but this one is an oval and just gives off such a unique vibe.

Wood Barrel Round Mirror
This is the mirror I have in our bedroom! Love it & the simplicity of it.
Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 11.10.21 PM

Wood & Metal Round Mirror
I am ordering this mirror –  for where… not sure but I love the metal/wood mix.

Throw Pillows

Rae Dunn Pillows
I own several of these pillows and love them tossed on the couch! 

Lumbar Throw Pillow
I have had this pillow for years & it is still great quality and a great addition to our couch!


Plush Geo Knit Rug
This rug is so soft and plush! I love the geo pattern in our living room.

Geometric Woven Accent Rug
Since my entryway is basically in my living room, I tried to coordinate my entry rug & area rug – so went this route. It is a great size!

Vinyl Floor Mat
I actually have 2 of these side by side in our kitchen which is why you see the overlapping. I love the print and look of these, and like them next to the sink because our sink is shallow & I am constantly splashing water all over my floor – since it is base housing, I don’t want to be responsible for any damage or anything, so this extra fun barrier works well and looks super cute too! 

Ombre Rug
This is the boys playroom. This rug is so vibrant, so soft, and so fun! The playroom isn’t finished yet so I can’t show the whole thing just yet, but it is making a very fun accent to what we’re working on!

Storage Solutions

Low Profile Bookcase
This is sold as a low bookcase for kids, but we use these for toys mainly plus some of their books. This is actually two stacked beside each other and they’re very low so the boys can easily get to stuff. I’m all for open, accessible play even when it isn’t the prettiest like shutting all of the toys in a toybox would be, lol! 

4 Cube Organizer
We have two of these in the playroom! This goes with the open, accessible play I just talked about! Easy for the boys to grab toys & go, easy to put things away! We use the more decorative storage bins with lids like in the bottom cube to store things like Legos.

Round Wire Basket
I love this basket! It is actually very large, I don’t think the photo shows justice. It has a king sized blanket in it and I could easily fit more – I just have it puffed out a bit for decorative purposes, but could probably stack 3-4 of that size blanket in it! Also works for toy storage!

Rainbow Rope Toy Storage Basket
This basket goes so well with the rainbow vibes we’re going for with the playroom & fits a lot of larger stuffed animals well!


Faux Hanging Plant
This isn’t the exact hanging plants I currently have, but I’m ordering for the marble accent of the pot – love it and love hanging plants. Especially FAUX plants if you don’t have a green thumb, like me. Lol!

Barn Door Chalk Board
We bought this at our old house for the kitchen where the wood went well with our white cabinets. The yellow-y base house cabinets don’t go super well (you can see my pantry cupboards to the right), but I’m figuring out something to make them less dated and go with more of my decor! 

Wooden Wall Plaque
I love this wall hanging! It is actually pretty large and I just am drawn to the word wall art.

Table Runner
Light Fixture
Slowly pulling together the dining room! Love this light fixture and the impact it has had on my space & the table runner adds a pop of brightness & color since the dining room also opens to the rainbow playroom. #BadBaseHousingLayoutsForTheWin

Lamb’s Ear Wreath
This looks almost identical to the wreath I have!  

Relax Throw
More Rae Dunn because this works perfectly with all of my throw pillows! 

Faux Plant in Stand
I just ordered this for my entryway to fill in the space by the door! 

4th of July Wreath
Our red, white, & blue wreath was always one of my most commented on pieces and everyone always wanted it! Of course Kirklands doesn’t make it anymore but I found 2 very similar options! Click the photos to lead you to each! 

Which was your favorite piece of this home feature friday? 


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