How I Paid for a Disney Day-Date Almost Entirely with a Month of Swagbucks

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If you know me from instagram, any other online platform, in real life, or just have read very deep into my blog, you’ll know I like going to Walt Disney World. My husband might even argue that I enjoy it more than my kids. I’d say it is a debatable topic. I have more joy about it perhaps because I plan everything and am excited for months, while they’re really only happy while we’re there, but who’s to say I’m more excited… Haha!

I try to plan trips for us as often as possible, but now that we live much further than we used to and Beckett is in school, it isn’t super easy to get the time to go as it used to be. Especially when you’re stationed far away from family, so then your vacation time becomes stretched even more thin – will we go see the family we haven’t seen in many months or go on a true vacation… It gets harder to plan these things, ya know?


Anyway, so among the added expense of now having to fly whereas we used to just road trip, I knew it couldn’t hurt to find ways to save money toward our vacations, and in one of the many Disney groups I’m in on Facebook, I saw someone say they’d paid off their entire vacation with 10 months of Swagbucks. Now, when I saw that comment, it was like in an old cartoon where a lightbulb goes off right above my head, and I recalled I had used that site before. When I was pregnant with Beckett, I’d do random surveys for money sometimes and eventually earned almost $100 in Amazon gift cards.

I was intrigued and went back and found my old account. Now… for those of you who haven’t had an account & have no idea where I’m going with this, Swagbucks is a website where you basically earn rewards called “Swagbucks” or “SB” for things like taking surveys (the main way I earn swagbucks), shopping online through your favorite retailers, searching the web, downloading apps, participating in offers (ie. sign up for Hulu for $11/month and receive $30 in Swagbucks), etc.


In terms of swagbucks or SB, for every 1 SB you earn, that is $.01 so every 100 SB is $1.00, and so on. In one month of using Swagbucks, I’d earned $407.93 that I then cashed in for Disney gift cards and paid for a one day trip to WDW! The boys & I were already in Florida, and Dungan was flying in to help me fly back home with the boys, so we decided to use the “free” money I had toward a child-free day date at Epcot, and we had a blast!


I spent $249.22 for two adult tickets to Epcot, and then between our dinner at Chefs de France which was around $100, a few drinks around the world, chips & queso in Mexico, caramel snacks in Germany, snacks & souvenirs in Japan, and a couple souvenirs for the boys from the main souvenir shop, we spent maybe $50 more than what I had earned in gift cards. A trip for 2 to the movies can cost me $50 easily if we go to an evening movie instead of a matinee and get drinks & snacks, so you can’t beat that expense for a day at Disney World!


Earning & spending Swagbucks is pretty simple! As I said above, you’ll earn them through the site by answering surveys, shopping online, searching the web, downloading apps, participating in offers, etc., but then when you have them – how do you spend them? As soon as I hit 2,500 SB, I cash them out to virtual Visa gift cards (your first $25 Virtual Visa of the month only costs 2175SB – $21.75), which I then spend on Target’s website to buy Disney e-gift cards or on the ShopDisney site to order physical cards. I then combine all of my Disney Gift Cards into one gift card on the disney gift card website, and use them that way!


I’m already saving for money to put toward our next trip with Swagbucks! If you find yourself with spare time in the day where you’re just scrolling Facebook or instagram and not really doing anything, fill out a survey or two, or sign up for an offer through Swagbucks and earn some extra money! Download the button to use on your browser & click it when you checkout on a website to see if you qualify for earning Swagbucks on your purchases. You don’t have to put the money you earn toward Disney if that’s not your thing like it is ours! It could go right into your PayPal account, use it for Amazon gift cards or a number of other types of gift cards, use it toward your grocery bill, etc.

Do you use Swagbucks? How much have you earned & what’s your favorite way to earn?

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