How to Host the Most Magical Disney Preschool Playdate #NowMoreThanEver

This post is sponsored by Walt Disney World and I received free products in order to host a #NowMoreThanEver playdate party. All opinions are my own.

Who do you know that is more Disney obsessed than me? I’m sure you know someone, but I might rank up there as the most Disney obsessed person you know – and I’m totally ok with that.  Luckily, I’ve instilled this same love for Disney into my children, and they’re as obsessed as their mama. You can imagine all of our excitement when I opened my email one day to see that Disney Parks had selected me & my boys to host one of their #NowMoreThanEver Disney preschool playdates!

Before I get into all of the playdate details, I wanted to kind of explain the importance of the #NowMoreThanEver campaign and what it is all about. This year, Walt Disney World has added several new enhancements to each park, so if you’ve been planning or wanting to plan a trip to Walt Disney World, the time is now more than ever! From Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening in Hollywood Studios on August 29th to Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Celebration happening from now through September 30th, there is so much going on that you don’t want to miss!


We were just at Walt Disney World last week & had a magical time, but as soon as we leave, I’m ready to go back! Hosting this playdate brought a little of the magic from Disney right into our home, and the boys loved it! Do you want to get together with your friends or playgroup & have a Disney themed playdate or just use some tips & tricks for your child’s upcoming birthday? Read ahead for a total breakdown on how to throw a magical party for your littles!


Don’t Overthink the Invites
I love modern technology for inviting to these kind of events! Create a quick graphic in photoshop or through an app, and either email it out, post it in a Facebook group, or create a Facebook event and click through your friends list to invite your friends! 1. it is free to create a quick graphic invite. 2. If you utilize a Facebook event, it manually sends reminders to your RSVPed guests.


Party Prep Together
This party is really for our kids even though we’re the ones doing all of the fun planning, so my best tip for this is to loosen the reigns a bit & let them in on the planning! Have them help decorate, help make the snacks, help clean the house before your guests arrive, etc.
For me, both in party planning and in Walt Disney World trip planning, half of the fun is in the planning!


Keep the Snacks Simple
We had our party in the afternoon, so we didn’t need to provide a lunch or anything. We  focused on a few fun snacks for the kids to snack on, but realistically when they get to playing, they’re not worried about the snacks.


We made Timon & Pumba Grub Pudding to be on theme with our Lion King party, along with a Disney themed popcorn cake from Popped Passion. I’d never had a popcorn cake before our party, but now I can’t imagine my life without it. Seriously – that’s a must try, and it was such a fun addition to the party!


Use Fun Disney Decor
Our theme was the Lion King/Lion Guard, and we were provided with several fun decorations. We were given masks, a tablecloth, hanging decor, cups, plates, and napkins to theme our playdate perfectly!


Put Age-Appropirate Goodies in the Favor Bags
I don’t get extravagant with goodie bags. I try to keep things age appropriate & fun for them while sticking to my budget! This time, I went a simple, fun route with stickers, mystery figurines from Lion King, Disney character sunglasses, and character bracelets.
We had a small RSVP list, so I ended up putting 4 pack bracelets in the goodie bags, but if we had a larger turnout, I’d adjust the amount of bracelets per bag, etc. to stay on budget!


Offer Activities/Games + Open Ended Play
It has been 100°+ in Oklahoma lately, so we hosted our party inside of our home instead of the playground across the street. Our playroom is right off of our dining room, so we set it up with the crafts/activities in the dining room with the snacks/drinks and then had all of the toys ready for play in the playroom.


For activities & games, we had a few fun options:
Pin the badge on Kion game
Coloring pages
Play dough sets
Lion Guard Piñata
Create your own Forky kits
Walt Disney World Fortune Tellers (downloadable)
Walt Disney World Memory Game (downloadable)


And most importantly….Hakuna Matata
Leave your worries at the door and focus on making memories with your kids & their friends. Enjoy and try not to stress! I try my best to keep these things simple so that the day can go off effortlessly. I don’t want to be running around stressing, I want to enjoy the day!

And much with enjoying my day comes focusing on keeping things easy. When the party dies down and you’re left to clean up the messes that were made, pop a frozen Michael Angelo’s family dinner in the oven, and by the time your house is almost clean, your dinner will be done even though you had done nothing to prepare it!
One thing I am pretty good about is typically cooking all of our dinner from scratch, so it isn’t often I’ll allow a frozen dinner to slip through the cracks, but I feel good about these meals because we can pronounce all of the ingredients & there are no preservatives or other additives. This time, we had the lasagna and it is delicious – everyone loved it and dinner was a breeze since I didn’t have to prepare it (unless you call pre-heating the oven preparing, in which case, I’ll say yes, I did prepare in that way!)

We had such a great party. We gave away a few prizes including a Disney emoji pillow from Pillow Pets and a Toy Story drawstring bag filled with Toy Story toys, but we still have a Disney Rapunzel doll + matching dress up outfit available from JAKKS toys, so we’re giving that away now on instagram! Go to my latest post about this party for your chance to win!
A huge thank you to all of the sponsors of our party!
Disney Parks
JAKKS Pacific 
Pillow Pets 
Popped Passion
Michael Angelo’s


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  • Acsa Harper

    Love the Lion King theme!!!
    It’s such a classic.

    Great photos!!!

    July 30, 2019 at 10:40 am Reply
    • KelseyFarver

      Thank you! We just saw the movie in theaters the day it came out and couldn’t be more excited that it was our theme too! 😍

      July 30, 2019 at 11:39 am Reply

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