What I Pack for Disney World: The Non-Essentials

Hey, friends!

If you’re newer around here, you may not know that Walt Disney World is my family’s favorite vacation spot, and truly one of our happiest places on Earth! We’re feeling super excited this holiday season as my parents gift to us this year is a Disney trip! The boys have NO clue & I can’t wait for this surprise to be revealed!

Heading to Disney with young kids can be especially complex because you’re packing diapers and wipes and sippy cups & enough necessities for an entire day in the park, and I tend to focus on all of the legit NECESSITIES when I round up what needs to be brought to Disney, so today I’m focusing on the FUN stuff I buy/bring for Walt Disney World trips!

Fun Tees for Mama & Littles!:
I get my tees from all over, but my favorites for myself are:
Zara (this is where my balloon Mickey shirt is from!)


Spirit Jerseys are one of my favorites for WDW! Size down 1 ūüôā

My favorites for the boys (since it is way easier to find Disney for littles, this list is longer!)


I got this set for Blake for our trip! Comfy, cute, and affordable!

I love fun ears at Disney! Maybe it brings me back to my childhood wearing my pluto ears through the park but it is just an extra layer of fun, and the boys always love my ears too! I stick to getting my ears straight from Disney typically, but you can find tons of fun ones online too! Shop ears here!

So¬†depending¬†on your trip, you may¬†have MagicBands included as part of your trip! If you’re staying at a Disney resort, a base¬†color (you have a few to choose from) MagicBand will be included¬†with your package and you have the option to upgrade to a fun one for an¬†additional charge. If you aren’t¬†booking a package, or just want to have¬†additional bands, you may want to snag one! I¬†own several bands and love how fun they are and prefer the band over the card ticket for when you’re visiting without a package! Much easier to have your FastPasses all on your wrist vs¬†digging¬†around for your card ticket! Grab a fun MagicBand here!

79541969_624501371629765_8474065750267527168_nMy DSLR Camera:
We do use the Memory Maker, but I also love¬†bringing my own camera¬†because honestly, I can just get shots that a photographer can’t. I can capture the real life moments in a way¬†they can’t, and I can get my kids to smile vs looking scared. It isn’t necessary, but I prefer when I bring it!

Portable Phone Charger:
This is technically NOT an¬†absolute necessity, but I prefer Disney with a portable phone charger. I’m taking a lot of photos, I’m checking ride times on the app, I’m mobile ordering food, I’m¬†calling or texting my husband if we split up for a bit, etc. For a non-essential, it is¬†probably the one you’ll want the most!
I have this one & love it!
These are some of the things I always have packed in my bag as we head for WDW! They’ll all be in my bag next week as we head back! What are your favorite “fun” things to bring along to¬†Disney?¬†

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