Blake Turns Two!

Two years can pass by in what seems to be the blink of an eye, even though some days seem so long. Looking back, I can still remember the day I had Blake like it was yesterday. I remember holding him in the OR and looking down at then baby no name and feeling at complete ease.
Yes, he was listed as “Baby Boy Farver” for a solid 48 hours before Beckett chose his name (we had narrowed it down to two or three, and Beckett gave the final vote for what it would be!) Even funnier, 4 or 5 days after he was born, we were still heading back to the hospital daily because he was terribly jaundiced, and they had him listed as Baby Boy Farver in the hospital system, and the lady was convinced we had named him that and was surprised when we corrected her that his name was Blake… One of my favorite stories ever honestly – it was SO funny!

Anyway, today he turned two, and it feels a little unreal. He still feels like my BABY. Yes, we can argue that he is my baby, the youngest of my boys, and he will always be my baby, but it just seems unreal that he is actually a two year old… a TODDLER. So while he may be my baby forever & ever, he’s my toddler now, and I can’t deal. I’m not ready to lose the snuggles, the obsession with mommy, and everything that babyhood comes with.
I think I take him turning two harder than I did with Beckett for a few reasons. With Beckett, I had no idea what him growing up would mean. I didn’t realize how quickly things would change and how it would feel for me as his mom. I knew the “baby” stage wasn’t over for us because we were certain we wanted him to have a sibling.
This time it feels heavy & sad! I know one day doesn’t change him entirely. He will slowly fade out of wanting to hold my hand or lay on me to fall asleep. It won’t all change overnight, but just knowing how close he is to becoming mr. independent stings my mama heart a bit!

Today we’re celebrating though, and I’m reminiscing on the joy he’s brought to us all in the last two years in a walk down picture memory lane! He truly has been a missing piece our family didn’t know we needed until he came along! Beckett is obsessed with him and becoming a brother has been one of the best things for him. Their love is so special & their relationship (though sometimes may contain fighting, screaming, and stealing of toys) is perfect in every way. He is truly a ray of sunshine even in his early terrible twos he somehow dove into a little while ago, and we all love him so!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Blake!!!

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