We Visited Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge & Created Droids at the Droid Depot!

Let me start this out by saying I know nothing about Star Wars, I’ve never been a fan or really understood the hype, and overall I’m pretty clueless when you’re talking Star Wars. However, I am married to a Star Wars superfan who is quickly raising our two young boys to be as obsessed as he is! Now that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is within Hollywood Studios, I have zero complaints about the Star Wars obsession if it means I can convince them heading to Walt Disney World is a better idea than ever!


For Christmas, my parents gifted our entire family a trip to Walt Disney World and it was the perfect time to check out all of the new Star Wars stuff! As soon as I find out we were going, I went online to book an experience for Beckett at the Droid Depot within Galaxy’s Edge because he’s seen several Disney specials showing the experience and had been saying next time we went back, he had to do that. It took awhile for a time to become available that worked for our trip, but as soon as it did, I booked it and we were all set!

About a month before we left for our trip, Blake was becoming increasingly interested in Star Wars & getting excited about the characters. He’s only two, and they recommend the child is 3 or older because of the interactiveness of the experience, but I decided my husband would take Blake so my husband could really create it (because as I mentioned, he’s the biggest fan of them all!),  and I would go with Beckett so Beckett could do all of his on his own! Note: When you book, you need to book for the amount of droids you want to create, so even though I would accompany Beckett, I booked for one. Each building guest is only allowed ONE person to accompany them, so if I would’ve kept our reservation as originally scheduled, Beckett & my husband would’ve went in while Blake & I waited outside.

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The Experience: 

To participate in the Droid Depot, you need a reservation. You can either book in advance or you can arrive at the Droid Depot & attempt to fill a vacancy with a walk in reservation (this will not guarantee you a chance to enter the Droid Depot.)
The cost of the experience & your droid unit is $99.99 + tax.

You approach the Droid Depot (which btw is very obscure as is the entire Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge section of the park – for good reason of course, but you’ll rely heavily on your My Disney Experience app to locate this!), and there will be someone standing at the door to check in with. He will send you inside to your appropriate line where you’ll check in, choose whether you’ll create an R or BB Series droid, and pay for it before you get to start building! The theming of the depot is incredible. As someone who knows nothing about Star Wars, I was still in awe of how legit the entire thing was. Droids placed all around & droid parts moving above your head the entire time!


As soon as you pay, they hand you a basket that shows you all of the pieces you need to collect for the droid you’re building, and you move over to another cast member who shows you where to go and collect your pieces to build your droid. Here is where the real fun begins! There is a nonstop moving conveyor belt of parts, and you search for the pieces you need. You can create a masterpiece of your choosing with any colors/different shaped pieces/etc.


This part took awhile because Beckett is picky. He would see one piece he liked, but then want to swap it, and so I’d say we maybe were here for 10 minutes picking his pieces to complete his droid. When you’re done choosing your pieces, they move you to an open stall to construct your droid. There is someone behind the counter helping several of you and showing you how it all works. There’s a button to push if you need help, and there are instructions listed everywhere! There are the final pieces you’ll need to complete your droid at your station also!

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To construct your droid, you simply look at the instructions at your work station & assemble! Some pieces click together, some require the electric screwdriver (I helped Beckett with this part, but he did the rest on his own!), and then they activate it with your help! This part didn’t take us more than 5 minutes, but Beckett was SO into every moment of it and even more excited for his droid to be ready to take home!


Once it is activated, they give you a brief overview of how it all works, tell you important details regarding how to turn it off to conserve the battery, etc., and put it in a large cardboard box that resembles a Build-A-Bear type box to leave with it! The only downfall to this is they get a little uncomfortable to hold and were honestly just too big to fit under our stroller. Halfway through the day, my husband ran them out to the car because it was too uncomfortable!


We found the entire thing to be an amazing experience & worth the cost! The droids are heavy duty, large, and great quality! We own a much smaller R2D2 we didn’t get the fun of creating from Best Buy a few years I paid $60 for – this far surpasses it in quality & the experience alone was worth a lot for how fun it was for us! The only downfall at all from our droids would be Blake’s BB – the BB series droids are prone to their heads falling off because they stay on with a magnet, but it is much cooler with how it walks (rolls) and the head continuously moves to stay upright… However, the boys still love it & they’re still loving them at home too!

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If you’re heading to Walt Disney World, don’t forget to book your Droid Depot experience, and while you’re there, try the blue (and green) milk just to say you did! I’ll be honest… neither of them were great in my opinion, but others seem to love them (the green receives more praise than the blue, but we tried both to see for ourselves. If I had to choose one, I thought the blue was better!) and Blake loved them both!


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