Essentials to Keep Your Kids Entertained in Your Own Backyard!

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We had made a goal for 2020 to travel often & create tons of memories & fun getaways for our boys. That came to a screeching halt after all of the quarantines & things went into place. Now we’re spending almost every day outside (if we can), and enjoying our rainy days while staying occupied indoors too!

Here are some of the things I’ve found to make our days a little more fun, to entertain the boys, and since they’re multi-use, are working out to save us money in the long run compared to our weekend getaways! 😉 I am even including a few options for when your backyard isn’t an option for rainy days!


Bubble Machine: We use the bubble machine almost daily – when they’re playing in the water table, when they’re in the pool, and just for fun by itself. My kids (& our dog!) obsess over this thing! HIGHLY recommend getting the JUMBO BOTTLE of bubbles because if your kids are like mine, they WILL use all of the bubbles that come with the machine in minutes.

boys-3Water Table: The water table is one of our favorite outside toys! We just fill it up with the hose, I typically put the boys in their swimsuits so they can splash around as much as possible, and they have fun scooping the water & dumping it out, etc.
Note: most water tables are sold out right now, so our exact one is out of stock (linked here!) but am linking to other available options in the main click link!


Water Toys for Water Table + Pool: we got these extra water toys to use in the water table + pool and the boys love them all!
Splash Cups
Squirt Guns

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Splash Pad:This splash pad is a huge hit at our house! It doubles as a mini wading pool + sprinkler in one! Adjust the pressure of your house to determine how high the sprinkler on it will go! Beckett prefers full pressure, super tall sprinkler while Blake who likes to sit in the splash pad prefers low sprinkler to play in while sitting! 

boys-37Inflatable Pool: Another product that is currently sold out, but  when these come back in stock, they’re going to be an essential part of your summer kids starter pack! 😉 Our boys love splashing around in this, going down the slide, and playing with all of the toys in it!

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No Mess Beach Sand -large set: This can be used indoors or outdoors! Highly recommend getting a few plastic containers to store it in and let the kids play it in! If you drop it anywhere, simply form a small ball of sand and stick it to the sand and it picks it all up! SO simple, easy to clean, and Beckett says it feels just like playing with sand at the beach! It doesn’t dry out, forms really well in the castle molds, and is a good rainy day activity too!
No Mess Beach Sand – small set

boys-42Sidewalk Chalk: My boys love to draw, so taking them outside & letting them make the patio or the driveway their canvas is always a big hit! 😉

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetBeach & picnic blankets: We love to have lunch outside or to just lay out an outdoor blanket and bring out some of their toys! We always get the best ones from the disney store and the boys love the extra touch of Mickey!

Green Toys: As seen above, my boys favorite indoor/outdoor vehicles to play with are the green toys vehicles! They have great variety, are durable enough for indoor or outdoor play, and even have some great boat & submarine options for water table or pool play! They’re made from recycled plastic milk containers and are fabulous!

Processed with VSCO with 4 presetKids Workbooks: Beckett has the “My Kindergarten Workbook” option, but there are tons for every level & make a great rainy day activity where he’s having fun but learning at the same time!
Individual bubble wands: If the stationary bubble machine isn’t your kids thing or you have a big backyard and they want to take the bubbles where they go, the individual bubble wands are great options for that! They light up & my kids love them!

Swimsuits & rash guards: These are a MUST have for a fun summer! My kids both own a few different suits so we always have some ready to wear, and they get worn almost daily over here!
We have a few favorite places to get swimwear!
Disney swimsuits are our favorite HANDS DOWN. Their character themed suits are my kids favorite!
Target swimsuits are our back up option and we love their options & variety!

We are making the most of our summer with constant fun over here! My favorite part of most of these is while, yes, they require supervision, they also give me time to relax in the sun & enjoy instead of some of the super pinterest mom summer activities some are doing right now. 😂

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