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My partnership with Savvi has been an incredible journey already, and the future will only get brighter & bigger from here! I currently operate my Savvi business alongside my influencer/blogging business as another affiliate avenue!
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Let’s talk about what Savvi is, what I’m doing, and more about what it is when you join Savvi!

What is Savvi?
Savvi is the lifestyle company. We put that emphasis on style because women’s fashion is the heart & soul of the company. We currently offer three lines of women’s clothing during pre-launch, and when we fully launch later this year, our product offering will expand even further. I refer to it as something like the Anthropologie of direct sales with where we’re going.

Our three lines we offer currently are all amazing & provide you with something you can’t find anywhere else:
• Savvi Fit
• Savvi Everyday
• Savvi Luxe


We have WEEKLY launches of new product in both our everyday & fit lines, along with occasional launches in our luxe line.
We are a brand new company, which if you know direct sales, is a huge opportunity to get in at this time in the company!
We have an in-house designer + design team who create & curate clothing collections from XS-3X.
We have a fun shopping app + website, with ALL NEW tech (new back office, websites, etc.) rolling out later this summer.
You have the flexibility to sell all that we have to offer or can just focus on one niche line if you prefer.
Savvi provides all of the training, marketing materials, calls, community, and more that you could ever need, so whether you’re a new stylist trying to learn it all or someone looking to build your dream team community, Savvi has your & your teams backs to make sure you know all of the things!

What do you do as a Savvi Stylist? 
Being a Savvi Stylist is as simple as wearing & sharing our product – currently it is all about clothing! We all wear clothes, many of us already love to share with people in our lives things we love! When you try the new restaurant in town & it is amazing, you tell your friends to go, but the restaurant doesn’t pay you for that. When you tell everyone about how amazing the new crockpot you just got is, Crock-Pot isn’t paying you for it. Well, what if you could share the clothes you were wearing every day  & earn a commission every time someone purchased something from your link, or every time someone decided to join you in doing what you’re doing too? And not just the small commission you can earn through an affiliate program of 0-10%, but we’re talking base commission of 25% all of the way up to potentially earning 50% commissions as you build your business…
If you’re doing it anyway, you may as well get paid for doing it! Plus, when you sign up, you’re also getting access to ALL of our styles at WHOLESALE cost. This is a huge perk and we have many ladies join just to be VIP Stylists! This is a way to join Savvi without a kit & instantly have access to a wholesale shopping account along with a site to sell on if you wish!

How do I join Savvi?
It is SO simple to join this brand new company & get started on your journey! We offer several price points to get started.
Basic/VIP Stylist $99: This start up package is perfect for someone ready to get going on a budget or for a customer who loves the product and wants to access the wholesale savings!
You receive your site/back office & wholesale account for an entire year! With this, you receive access to hundreds of thousands of pieces of clothing that you have the ability to sell without risk! Savvi ships from their warehouse in Utah to your customers & all you do is wear & share the product!
Starter Kit – $249/$499/$999: This option will include everything listed above + swag, product, product credit, and share codes – all varied on which package you choose!

Ready to enroll? You can do so through my site here & make sure to USE CODE: kelseyfarver
OR contact me with other questions & I’ll help you get going!

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