How to Create a Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal WITHOUT Any Actual Smoke or Fire!

“Gender reveals” will continue to be controversial for many reasons, but it won’t stop them from happening. One of the growing popular trends for gender reveals was using smoke bombs in pink or blue to reveal the sex of your baby.
Truthfully, back in 2017, I actually used a real smoke bomb to reveal I was pregnant with baby boy #2. We were safe about it, but with everything happening in the world right now, I realized the only truly *safe* smoke bomb reveal is a photoshopped one – and it is easier than you think! 😉

Now, of course, if you’re having an actual gender reveal party, you’ll need to find some other way as my photoshop trick won’t help you, but if you’re revealing via photo like we do, this tip will not only help you achieve the look in a safer way, but also in a more controlled way! I’ll show below our real smoke bomb photo from 2017 vs our photoshop smoke bomb photo from 2020! You can add as much or as little smoke you want when you’re doing it yourself during post-processing.

With my photoshopped (girl) smoke bomb photo, you can see I was able to create as much smoke as I wanted, and frame it exactly as I wanted as well! Just an added perk to doing this in photoshop so that you can get the exact photo look you’re going for!

Let’s get into how you can create this on your own!

Take a photo you want to add a smoke effect to.

Open the photo in Photoshop.

Search on Google for the color smoke you want in PNG form (you can find these free – make sure to download – not just save the image. Saving the image direct from a google search will turn it into a JPG & you need a PNG.
Open the smoke PNG in Photoshop and drag onto your photo!

Expand smoke to size you want & move to the place you want it in the photo! You can rotate it, adjust the opacity, add another PNG of smoke and add to make it more, etc.!

When you have things how you want, make sure to place the file so it is attached to your photo, and then save! That’s it! You have the smoke bomb aesthetic without any of the risk of harm to your environment. 😉

If you try it, let me know!

Slide to the left to add smoke!
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