Our Favorite Infant Loungers

When I got pregnant with my oldest son 7 years ago, I didn’t know of infant loungers. With my 3 year old, I read all about them and invested in a Dockatot and a Boppy lounger! We loved and used both for different reasons.

This time around, I once again went for a Dockatot and a Boppy Lounger, but also grabbed a SnuggleMe based on the amount of people I saw recommend it on Instagram. Let’s just say, Vivi always has a spot to chill at our house! We use them all every single day, but I have different uses for them all! If you’re in the market for an infant lounger, I hope our experience with these 3 can help in the decision making process!
*Disclaimer: read & follow directions when it comes to any infant loungers, swings, sleep accessories, etc.! You can find more about the FDA’s guidelines for safe infant sleep here!

From left to right are the Dockatot deluxe (infant), the snuggleme organic (infant) and the Boppy infant lounger.

As I mentioned earlier, there are several options out there and I own 3 of what I’d say are the most popular loungers.

Baby Blake – 1 month old in 2018 in the Dockatot

Dockatot Deluxe

Let’s start with the Dockatot! This was my first infant lounger and the same one I bought for my son back in 2017! It has been used & well loved by my son for 7ish months, then by my niece for another several months, and currently by Vivi! I’m pleasantly surprised that it has held up so well and is still as good as new! I have two covers I alternate between for it.

Vivi is 12lbs 3oz and 22in long! Shown here in the Dockatot both clipped shut and unclipped!

The Dockatot zips together into one piece within the cover, but when the cover comes off is actually made up of two separate pieces: a small pad & the outside bumper cushion. This lounger has a clip at the bottom that can be unclipped to allow more room at the bottom for longer legs. Something I use often and is a small but mighty detail is the little handle at the top to easily carry it from room to room. Changing covers and putting them back on after washing is the most difficult thing about the Dockatot. The multiple pieces make it a little more difficult to put together, but it can still be done in a few minutes.

Vivi is 12lbs 3oz and 22in long. Shown here in the snuggleme organic infant lounger in natural.

SnuggleMe Organic

I found the SnuggleMe after I had my 3 year old son, so when I got pregnant with Viv, I knew I wanted to try it! I ordered it in natural (shown). You can buy different color covers to go over top as well! This lounger is one piece, and instead of a pad under baby like the Dockatot, it is just the thin fabric sling in the middle. The SnuggleMe doesn’t come apart at the bottom, so as babies get longer, their legs will have to go over the edge of the lounger. This entire lounger is machine washable, so instead of taking the cover off, you can toss the entire lounger into your machine!

Vivi is 12lbs 3oz and 22in long. Shown here in the Boppy Infant Lounger

Boppy Infant Lounger

The Boppy Infant Lounger is another one I’ve now used with two kids! I bought one when Blake was a baby and loved it! I bought a new one after I had Vivi because I love them so much! This lounger is not to be confused with your standard Boppy pillow. A normal Boppy is what you’d use to prop a baby up for nursing, tummy time, etc. Unlike a normal Boppy pillow, the Boppy infant lounger is not a crescent shape. It is more round than the other loungers, but it has a spot for baby to nestle in to the fabric. This is the most cushioned of the loungers we own and props baby up much more. The Dockatot and SnuggleMe keep baby flat on their back. The Boppy Infant Lounger props baby up at a slight angle.

Blake at 6 months old in the Boppy Infant Lounger.

The Boppy infant lounger is my go to for keeping on the couch. I let baby sit a little more propped up to be more involved but supported. Like the Dockatot, it features a handle making it easy to bring around the house. This is also the most affordable of the three!

We always use our infant loungers supervised, and I appreciate having a safe space to set our babies down! These all have their pros & cons, but I love and use them all daily!

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